Solari Optimised Velocity Filters

The photo shows two of the new Solari Optimised Velocity (OV) AFM filters installed at the water filtration plant in the small Central West Queensland
town of Isisford. You can read more about this installation under Projects in Essential News.


These are the 700 series filters and are replacing the towns old sand filtration plant.
This installation only requires one filter to be working at a time, the second unit is for back-up to ensure continuity of  water supply when a filter is back washing or for maintenance downtime.


All Solari OV filters use Activated Filter Media(AFM) this is the premium filtration media suitable for all pressure and gravity water filters.


These filters have been set for a water flow rate of 5.5 l/sec and each unit holds 505 kg of AFM.


Download Solari OV AFM filter information

Download RO membrane fouling control information

Download Town water filtration system for Isisford

Download Isisford water analysis after OV AFM installation

Download industrial OV AFM filter applications

Download RAW Leachate Treatment Presentation