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Microbubble and Nanobubble Generators

Microbubbles and nanobubbles, now known as ultrafine bubbles have some unique properties that differentiate them from the standard varieties and because of this they are receiving increased attention throughout a wide variety of fields. We presently offer an extensive range of models suited to almost any application, with generation capacities ranging from 3 to 295 cubic meters an hour.

Fine Bubble Air Diffusers

These semi-flexible fine bubble air diffuses produce bubbles of 1 mm in size and are highly efficient with oxygen transfer up to 5 kg/kw/hr. Their own ballast makes them easy to deploy and suited to a wide range of applications in tanks, plastic lined lagoons, earth lined ponds and aeration channels.

Rotary Drum Screens

Available fully enclosed or open frame for river mounting, these are highly flexible primary screening systems. Models generally utilise a stainless steel filter mesh, but are also available in stainless steel wedge wire construction for courser screening from 1.0mm to 5mm. Customisation available to suit  various applications.

Solari OV AFM  Automatic Filters

Solari Optimised Velocity (OV) AFM patented low energy filtration systems are regarded as the premium media filters on the market. They use Activated Filter Media (AFM) providing particle removal down to 0.45 micron. When source water is aerated with Micro/Nano Bubbles and combined with the Zeta Potential Mixer (ZPM) and some flocculation outstanding water quality can be achieved.

Solari RAF/CRAF Reducing In-Line Filters

These automatic filters are electronically controlled with fully automatic backwash by a motor reductor mechanism.

Eight different models are available in either carbon steel or stainless steel. These filters are designed to handle large flow rates ranging from 120 up to 380 cubic meters an hour. In-line filters have many Industrial and Agricultural applications for irrigating crops, golf courses, watering livestock etc.

Gravity Flow Filters

This type of filter, known as the Solari community filter has been designed so that rural or remote communities anywhere can build them locally and have clean drinking water in compliance with World Health Organisation standards. Great simplicity with no moving parts means low cost and trouble free operation. Seven models available with water flow rates from 150 to 15,000 litres an hour.

UV Treatment Systems

Apart from expensive distillation processes or nanofiltration, the disinfection of water supplies can be carried out by either boiling, adding chemicals such as chlorine, or by treatment with Ultraviolet (UV) . UV is our preferred method as we are not advocates of increased chemical use and boiling water is not often practical in many situations.

Oxygen or Ozone Generators

These generators can be used to produce either oxygen or ozone. The two larger models can produce oxygen at 90% purity at a rate of 5 l/min or 8 l/min. Ozone is the most powerful natural air and water sanitiser available. Sometimes called ‘activated oxygen’, or ‘triatomic oxygen’, ozone contains three atoms of oxygen rather than the two atoms we normally breathe. The three sizes of generators we market are quite small compared to many others and can easily be fitted to our range of micro and nanobubble generators. Typical uses of ozone are for water purification and many types of decontamination and odor control.

Activated Filter Media (AFM)

AFM is environmentally sustainable and can be used to replace sand in all types of sand filters. AFM is made from post consumer green glass bottles that have undergone a special manufacturing process that imparts surface catalytic properties to the glass that gives it a high negative zeta potential. At 5m/hr filtration velocity AFM will reduce the concentration of 4 micron particles by more than LOG 3 without the use of flocculation chemicals.

Zeta Potential Mixers (ZPM)

The ZPM is a stainless steel cavitating static mixer used for injection of coagulants, flocculants, chlorine, ozone or any gas prior to media filtration by sand or AFM. There are two injection points for liquids and gases and the unit either flanges or screws directly into the pipework. A ZPM fitted in front of any media filtration system will increase oxidation potential by up to 100mv, initiating disinfection without chemicals. A low cost way of improving  a filters performance.

Water Softeners/Conditioners

These innovative water softeners/conditioners are manufactured in Australia and available in a wide range of sizes (download product sise chart) that either flange or screw directly into water pipes. The product is not only effective, but affordable and safe to use in any residential or commercial situation. They do not require any chemicals or electricity, have no moving parts and will not pollute. This product does not require any maintenance, refills or any additional costs, it is made from high quality long lasting materials and works for you 24hrs a day, 7 days a week.


Today’s ultra filtration MBR bio-toilet systems provide 100% water reuse within required standards. They are fully automated with PLC systems and remote monitoring and available in a range of capacities depending upon treatment volumes.
Power can be provided by the latest solar energy systems making them ideal for use on public highways, within national parks, tourist areas and resorts, where thousands are already in use.

De-Watering System

Known as a Z-filter, this is a compact portable high throughput system for the separation of liquid from a solid or sludge type of consistency. This industry leading system allows managers of sewage treatment plants, livestock farms such as piggeries, dairy producers, food processing industries, as well as industrial firms like tunnelling construction organisations and mining companies to solve a significant environmental waste challenge and save water.

Containerised Waste Water Treatment

The containerised wastewater treatment systems we market use membrane bio-reactors housed in either 20′ or 40′ containers depending upon process volumes. These systems also use microbubble technology making them very economical to operate and well suited to servicing small rural communities, new housing estates, caravan parks, island communities, remote cattle stations and mine sites.

Public Swimming Pool Water

We represent the Internationally recognised Dryden Aqua Integrated System (DAISY) for swimming pools and aquatic centres. This system is operating in thousands of  swimming pools throughout the world and provides the cleanest and healthiest water requiring less chlorine. DAISY  is easy to retrofit to existing pools, as the individual components illustrated in the diagram above that make up the system can be purchased separately.

Water Treatment Products

All Poly Floc(APF)  Is a multi-spectrum coagulant and flocculant that removes pollutants from solution and flocculates fine suspended solids, such as skin cells and bacteria, into large particles that are easily removed by AFM filtration.

Active Catalytic Oxidation (ACO) Is an active catalytic oxidiser for outdoor swimming pools. ACO in combination with sunlight helps to disinfect the water. ACO extends the half-life of chlorine and peroxide by over 300%, providing substantial chemical savings.

No Phos eliminates phosphates and prevents algae and bacterial growth. It improves the filtration performance of both AFM and sand filters. No Phos can be used in marine mammal LSS as well as in fish and invertebrate systems as it is non-toxic and guaranteed pure.

Water samples

From dirty to clean compliant water with a low energy Solari OV AFM filtration system.