Ozone Generators

For the past 100 years ozone has been used commercially to reduce odors and purify water.
Ozone is the most powerful natural air and water sanitiser available.
Sometimes called ‘activated oxygen’,or ‘triatomic oxygen’, ozone contains three atoms of oxygen rather than the two atoms we normally breathe.
Ozone is commonly used to destroy bacteria, viruses and odors by rupturing the cell membrane of microorganisms. Ozone will eliminate odors permanently, provided the contamination is not reintroduced, it also oxidises diesel, carbon monoxide and other chemical fumes.
The range of ozone generators we market are small in sise and well regarded. They can be easily connected to the range of micro and nanobubble generators we have.
This enables the production of ozone filled microbubbles and nanobubbles, applications for this in disease control in water and across a wide range of different industries will be significant as micro and nanobubble technology becomes widely used.
Ozone is popular for Industrial odor and decontamination control and for controlling bacteria in water cooling towers and water treatment plants. Wastewater disinfection, soil and ground water remediation, aquaculture, food processing, horticulture, and agriculture, food packaging and transportation, sanitising washrooms and many more uses.