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  • Water Filtration: a Guide on uses for the OV AFM Filter
    The heart of our water filtration systems is the OV AFM media filter. Filtering to 0.45 microns, this media filter is unlike others in the market, and optimizes the filtration capabilities for […]
  • Ultrafine Bubbles for Seed Germination
    Seed germination is the process from seed to a sprout in which the metabolic machinery of a plant gets activated after a period of dormancy. A high seed germination percentage is important […]
  • Growing Young Plants with Oxygen Nanobubbles
    Foreport was set up in 1979 with their head office in Taipei Taiwan. Foreport specializes in import and export of horticulture products. This includes seeds, plants, and bulbs as well as related […]
  • Tiny Bubbles Help Flower Growers in the Hot Summer
    Since 2017, the manufacturer of the Turbiti Nanobubble Generator has been active in Japan with flower growers to increase flower production both in volume and quality.   The first year of cooperation […]
  • Cultivate Attractive Lettuce with No More Tipburn
    Mari’s Gardens features a large selection of plants and produce on 18 acres. They specialize in organic farming and are the largest aquaponics farm in Hawaii.   Aquaponics combines growing plants hydroponically, […]
  • The Zeta-potential Important Stuff for Nanobubbles
    This article has been created to assist with knowledge as to why zeta-potential is important with Ultrafine Bubbles (UFB or nanobubbles) and is provided to give a basic understanding of this interaction. […]