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Water Products

A new type of low energy aerator working in wastewater stabilisation ponds. This floating aerator is highly efficient at reducing suspended solids and organic loading in ponds and wastewater streams. Also used for distratification in lakes and controlling algae.


Energy Products

Commercial solar power systems have been steadily falling in price. If you are paying more than 12c/kWh we can offer a strong business case for solar. Would installing solar be the right option for your organisation? To find out we are offering free solar energy business assessments.


Reduce RO and Boiler Operating Costs

If your plant includes a Reverse Osmosis water filtration system or Commercial Boiler, we can show you how to reduce your operating costs by up to 33%. By pre-filtering feed water with an Optimised Velocity AFM automatic filter.

Essential Water and Energy Services market an expanding line-up of water and energy products and services that offer economic solutions for a wide range of projects.

We work with a small team of people from different companies who are Internationally connected to the latest developments and the most advanced technology and products. With a diverse range of backgrounds this team collectively brings together considerable knowledge and experience that has been gained over many years in their respective fields.


Commercial Solar

Together with our solar partner we design and build solar power plants of all sizes, either with or without energy storage. These can be roof mounted, ground mounted, or floating on lakes or dams.


Industrial Water Filtration

Displayed at a water products exhibition are two models of the new Optimised Velocity (OV) AFM automatic water filters. These media filters offer superior water filtration performance to any other comparable filtration system.

Battery Energy Storage

New 3 phase 120kWh industrial battery uses second life cells from EV's that optimises cell life and lowers cost.

Public Swimming Pools

Find out about an integrated system that will provide crystal clear healthy swimming pool water and reduce chlorine use.


New Legionella bacteria protection system for water networks in hospitals, commercial buildings and cooling towers.


Research has shown that microbubble and nanobubble technology can contribute to plant growth and improved crop yields.