Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES)

Introducing the LiGE Air Battery, a Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES) system designed, developed and patented by Leaper Innovate Green Energies (Pty) Limited. (LiGE)


Our company has been licensed to manufacture and distribute this award winning system. The compressed air energy storage technology of the LiGE Air Battery is a zero-emissions storage solution which can be hooked up to the power grid, or to renewable energy sources to provide clean energy as well as clean water.


LiGE Air Battery features

–  Scalable from 40kWh up to 50MWh

–  Systems working life span 30 years

– Can store and deliver large amounts of energy in a short period of time

– Suitable for peak shaving and load leveling

– Compressed air at near ambient temperatures can be stored until needed

– Systems containerised for ease of transport and security

– Manufactured under license in Brisbane supporting industry and jobs

– The air battery provides a low cost of power with low maintenance costs

– Most environmentally friendly, only by-products produced are clean air and clean water

– No rare earth metals are used and all parts can be recycled when service life ends

– Multiple systems can work together where large energy storage capacity is required

– Performance parameters are remotely monitored 24/7 with back-up service response.


Brief description of the technology

An electric motor/AC generator provides an efficient mechanical link that powers the dehumidifier, compressor/expander, heat-transfer and heat storage systems, pressurizing the pneumatic cylinders to store the energy.


Adiabatic compression allows air to reach high pressures. An adiabatic process is one in which no heat is gained or lost by the system. High temperature air is cycled through a heat exchanger and the heat is stored for later use.


Compressed air at near ambient temperature can be stored until needed. The power is always available and the compressed air is reheated in the expander delivering a high round trip efficiency. The patented innovations and design of the LiGE Air Battery are centred on mature industrial components and principles.


LiGE Patented Technology

Compressed air driver system



Heat Energy Harvesting & Water Separation System

Heat Energy Harvesting & Water Separation System


Brief overview of 1MWh LiGE Air Battery

– Systems are supplied in either 3 phase 380VAC 700A  or 750VDC 500A .

– With installed power of 1MWh, peak power available is 250kW.

– Water production can be up to 5,000 litres, this amount will vary with the humidity of the air.

– If powered by solar, a 225kW system is required to recharge 1MWh of stored energy.

– The system is housed in a 12 meter container for ease of transport and security.

–  An additional 5,000 litre water tank is required for output water storage, 10,000 litre tank capacity is recommended in humid climates

– The air battery container needs to be placed on a level concrete pad clear of walls or other obstructions.


Download specifications for 1MWh LiGE Air Battery


Management system

The management system is a highly refined remote IT system with control mechanisms embedded in each LiGE CAES system. This is operated and managed exclusively and remotely by an independent and dedicated management company.


This advanced system is designed to supply extensive, unique customized and private real-time management support enabling continuous monitoring, even in remote locations.


The system immediately flags any occurring real-time problems with the condition and moving operational parts of the unit and provides troubleshooting support for the dedicated service team. Every LiGE CAES client must purchase and maintain a system management license in order to activate the IT support and control management mechanisms.


Remineralisation of water

Water produced by the air battery can be directly used for irrigation. However this water has no minerals and if the water is to be used for drinking it must first be disinfected and have some minerals added.


The World Health Organisation recommends remineralisation for drinking water that has been generated from the atmosphere should have10mg/L of Magnesium and 30mg/L of Calcium added.


Product development timeline

2012 LiGE started developing a compressed air energy storage system.
2013/14 The innovation was patented.
2013/16 During these years three prototypes were built, each one improving upon the previous model.
2015 LiGE received an award for their innovation in a global competition.
2017/18 A commercially viable pilot plant was built.
2018 The pilot plant was tested through September to December and has been installed in a client’s commercial environment.
2019/21 Scaling up now underway in Africa and Australia.