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Free Solar Energy Business Assessment

Together with our long established solar partner Solari Energy we offer a full turnkey service for commercial PV solar power plants. First we carry out a free solar energy business assessment. All we require to complete this is a recent power bill and the last twelve months of interval data from your energy provider. Once completed this assessment will give you enough information to decide if installing a solar power plant would provide worthwhile energy cost savings and a good return on your investment.

Solar Power Plants

These days reducing energy costs is a major concern for almost every commercial organisation and because of this roof or ground mounted solar power plants are becoming common. When considering installing a solar power plant of whatever size it is important to look at the background of the designer/installer and the type and quality of the plants they build.

Our solar partner has been in the business since the early days of solar power and designs and builds commercial solar power plants to the highest quality. We can also arrange long term PPA’s and other finance packages, so there is no need to outlay capital to have us install a solar power plant.

Solar Hybrid Power Plants

We also design and build solar hybrid power plants of all sizes and generation capacities. These employ solar panels, some battery energy storage capacity and a back-up diesel generator. Such solar hybrid systems can provide very substantial energy cost savings for commercial power users, especially those in remote locations far from the power grid who rely on diesel generators for their energy.

Solar Car Park Power Plants

Solar car park systems are a great way to turn often large car parking areas into power generation plants. These systems can off-set, or totally replace expensive grid supplied energy for nearby plant or buildings and the solar panels provide shade for parked vehicles. Also electric vehicle charging points can be supplied as an option with these systems. We predict that this type of solar power generation will become common in car parks as electric vehicles proliferate. Large energy users such as hospitals, shopping centres, clubs, commercial buildings, university’s, airports, factories etc. can all benefit from using their car parks for power generation.

Floating Solar Power Plants

Water Supply Authorities, Shire Councils and others responsible for large water catchments, lakes and dams have an opportunity to install floating solar power plants. This type of energy generation is also well suited for farmers that have large water storage dams and would like to generate several hundred kW of solar power without covering up any valuable cropping or grazing land with solar panels.

Solar street and park lights will reduce electricity costs substantially.

Solar LED Street Lights

This range of German designed solar LED street lights are of the highest quality and most advanced design. With the latest intelligent lighting systems and various wattages available from 40w up to 120w they are suitable for a wide variety of illumination tasks. The integrated batteries are Lithium-ion Phosphate (LiFePO4) which will provide three days autonomy and have a twelve year life span.