Floating Solar Power Plants

Some large solar power plants are being installed on dams, lakes and sheltered harbours. Solar specialist manufacturer, Grace Solar Technology Co. Ltd. has developed a market leading High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) floatation system that we use for these types of solar power projects. One of the advantages of installing solar power plants over water is that land which could otherwise be used for farming, or growing crops is kept available for those purposes. Also when solar panels are installed over water bodies such as lakes and dams, they block sunlight from penetrating the water which can reduce evaporation and inhibit algae blooms.


However one of the biggest advantages is that these types of solar power plants can produce up to as much as 20 percent more energy. This is because when solar cells heat-up they become less efficient, mounting over water tends to keep them cooler and performing at their peak energy output.


Benefits of using HDPE plastic for solar floatation systems:

  • – Resistance;  HDPE plastic features a high chemical and impact resistance. It is immune to rust, rotting, insects, mildew and mould.
  • – Life Span;  It will outlast most other traditional materials.
  • – Weight;  HDPE is known for its excellent combination of lightweight and durability.
  • – Sustainability;  HDPE is easily recyclable.
  • – Commercial Applications;  Food and beverage containers, water bottles, hard hats, piping systems, fuel tanks, telecom ducts, etc.


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