What is NoPhos?

Unicellular algae and bacteria need phosphates to transport nutrients across their cell membranes. In the absence of phosphates they cannot metabolise any nutrients that are present in the water.

NoPhos removes phosphates that enter the system from make-up water supply, from animal feed and from wind blown debris. Phosphates are fertilisers and if controlled, algal and bacterial growth can be managed. If phosphates are removed they will starve and algae/bacteria are eliminated over a period of about six weeks.

NoPhos is a natural product that can be safely used in living systems. It is widely used in aquaria and mammal systems around the world including use for management of phosphates in living coral culture. Dryden Aqua’s knowledge as marine biologists ensures the purity and consistency of chemical content that determines its suitability for aquarium use.

NoPhos uses Lanthanum, a charged ion which reacts with phosphate to form an insoluble precipitate that is removed by AFM®, or it forms an inert deposit on the bottom of the pool that is easily removed.


Download this pdf for more information.