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Zeta Potential Mixer (ZPM)

Usage: Homogenize injected coagulants and flocculants during contact filtration. Enhance water oxidation.

Unique Features: Cavitates the water and increases oxidation potential. Two injection points for liquids and gases; flanges directly into the pipework.


  • The only cavitating static mixer available in the market
  • Increase oxidation potential by up to 100 mv, therefore initiating disinfection without chemicals
  • Injection point for coagulants, flocculants, chlorine, ozone, or any gas
  • Improves coagulation/flocculation by at least 30%
  • 100% 316 grade stainless steel, or MDPE plastic & titanium for marine applications
  • Flanges directly into the pipework

The ZPM is a cavitating static mixer used for the injection of coagulants and flocculants prior to media filtration by sand or AFM (Activated Filter Media), for potable water as well as wastewater. It cavitates the water and increases the oxidation potential by over 100mv with no addition of chemicals. The cavitation perfectly homogenizes the dosed chemical into the water. ZPM neutralizes the electrical charge (zeta potential) on the dissolved chemical & colloids, and therefore enhances the coagulation / flocculation process.


Download ZPM installation guide


Dryden Aqua ZPM