Activated Filter Media (AFM)

Technical key points

  • AFM® can double the performance of a sand filter, up to 100 times better at removing sub-5 micron particles
  • AFM® Grade 1 is verified to achieve log 3 reduction (1000 times) down to 4 microns with no coagulation or flocculation
  • Stable and predictable performance, AFM® is not subject to biodynamic instability and will never allow untreated water to pass through to the product water
  • No biofouling means greatly reduced Legionella risk from the filter
  • Product water will have at least 50% lower chlorine oxidation demand than an equivalent sand filter, so lower concentration of disinfection by products including THMs
  • AFM® is expected to last for the life of the filtration systems.

Quality and certification

  • AFM® is an engineered product manufactured to a precise specification under ISO9001-2008 conditions
  • Certified under Reg31, NSF50 & NSF61, Environmental standards, Singapore Green Tick, HCAAP approved

Download this PDF for more information
Download Steel Mill Trial Results
Download wastewater case study, Kaipara NZ
Download cryptosporidium protection by AFM filtration