Floating Aerators

The unique RMA QA series of floating aerators and mixing units provide high levels of Dissolved Oxygen (DO) Transfer through a range of bubble sises.


These low energy Australian designed and manufactured  machines are subject to innovative patent registration and provide a sustainable way to mix and aerate water better than other units presently on the market. They are designed to have a 20 year working life with amongst the lowest whole of life cost of ownership of any type of comparable aerator


Standard Oxygen Transfer Ratio (SOTR) is 1.25 kg of oxygen per hour for each generation head on the machine. The popular 3 kW RMA QA 30 aerator pictured here has four generator heads providing a total of 5 kg of oxygen per hour. The lager 6 kW machine has eight generation heads.


Typical Applications include;


Any Water treatment from municipal drinking water to heavily polluted water.

Wastewater treatment plants.

River, lake and water catchment remediation.

Destratification to depths of 20m in reservoirs and large water bodies.

Municipal leachate waste treatment.

Food process industry wastewater.

Control of algae outbreaks.

All forms of aquaculture.


Download the RMA QA 60 aerator case study