Hydrogen Water Therapy Products

H2 Water Bubbles

Hydrogen Water Therapy Products

In these turbulent and stressful times people are seeking ways of improving their health naturally and also the health of their pets. To assist in this we are pleased to be able to offer the latest Hydrogen Water Therapy Products from Japan.

These new products were developed in cooperation with a manufacturer of medical supplements to be easy to use, safe, secure and offer a great benefit to users.

Conventional electrolysis hydrogen water dispensers that have a high concentration of hydrogen water are difficult to create and even more difficult to make safe.

In these products a new technology has been adopted which is a hydrogen gas bubbling method. Pure hydrogen gas is produced in a water tank, but this is not used for drinking water. The hydrogen gas is then transferred to the drink-water tank and mixed and melted.

With this method it’s possible to produce safe hydrogen drinking water that has not been in contact with metal electrodes that can leak ions into the water and the concentration of hydrogen produced by this method is high at 1.6 ppm.

Hydrogen H2 Bubble Water Technology

H2 Water Server Sedis

H2 water server Sedis with the latest hydrogen production technology includes a water cooling dispenser that generates water containing high amounts of hydrogen from mineral water or filtered tap water. The sedis and sedis-respiro don’t have a filtering system, and don’t require a water connection, so they are easy to fill with a bottle of mineral water or filtered tap water. For the generation of hydrogen, the electrolysis hydrogen bubble technology is used. The units are easy to install in an office, home kitchen or living room.

H2 Water Server Magna

H2 water server Magna with the latest hydrogen production technology includes a water cooler and hot water dispenser. The Magna professional water hydrogen server thoroughly filters tap water to pure water in a three stage filtering process. These models generate high concentration hydrogen water with the latest hydrogen bubble technology. The Magna model is well suited to installing in larger offices, care centres, or communal areas where many people can access and use H2 water.

H2 Respiro Cubic

The respiro-cubic focuses on athletes and health conscious people that want a higher dose of hydrogen than you would be able to drink with water. Hydrogen inhalation therapy is an innovative way to care for patients and improve athletes performance.

Hydrogen GaLF

The custom design ultrafineGalF drinking water system fills the need for a commercial sise unit for the food and beverage industries to produce ultrafine bubbles or nano bubbles. The ultrafineGaLF custom design unit has the ability to be Clean in Place (CIP). This is a method of cleaning the interior surfaces of pipes, vessels, process equipment, filters and associated fittings, without disassembly. The GaLF custom is suitable for use with Ozone, Hydrogen, Oxygen and Nitrogen.


We are providing a free copy of this authoritative book on hydrogen water therapy with the purchase of these products.
To learn about the authors visit www.h2water4life.com
If you do not intend purchasing a product, but would like a copy of the book, visit www.bookdepository.com or www.amazon.com.au

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