Membrane Bio Reactor (MBR) Treatment Plants

Membrane Bio-Reactor

MBR is a new wastewater treatment technology which combines biological treatment with membrane separation. This provides a number of benefits over traditional activated sludge processes.
In conventional activated sludge processes, separation of treated water from sludge is mainly achieved by sedimentation in a secondary clarification tank. This requires a considerable amount of space and capital cost and separation efficiency is low.
By using a membrane to replace the secondary clarification tank means that suspended solids can be completely removed from treated water, this results in high effluent quality. It not only concentrates slow-growing bacteria, but also retains large molecular organic compounds in the reactor, thereby increasing contact time with the sludge. This process greatly increases the removal rate of COD,BOD nitrogen and phosphorus.
Because of their small size this MBR technology it can be easily fitted into old sewage treatment plants bringing them up to high standards of wastewater treatment demanded by today’s environmental standards.

Download PDF of an MBR wastewater treatment design

Download PDF of two MBR case studies