Rotary Drum Screens

Single drum screen units are available from 5 m3/hr up to 1,200 m3/hr with screening grades from 20-200 micron. These units are available in a number of configurations but all require the water input to be lower than 10 m head. The rotating drum gives a continuous refreshed screen area for the process.

The waste is then discharged by means of an external spray bar (water used can be clean filtrate). Units are made of 304 or 316 stainless steel. Available fully enclosed or open frame for river mounting, these are highly flexible, primary particle filter systems, which generally utilise a SS filter mesh, but are also available in SS wedge wire construction for coarser filtration grades from 1.0 mm-5 mm. They normally precede a Spin Clean and or a Solari OV AFM filter to reduce suspended solids load ensuring excellent clear water outputs.

This technology can be provided with various options including vibratory discharge (for sticky contamination) variable speed dives (for variable inlet conditions) and hot water backwash (for greasy contamination). With low energy to operate they provide an excellent platform for ensuring finer filtration success. Used in conjunction with Aerator Mixers preceding the Drum screen and a Solari OV AFM filter following the Drum screen an excellent platform enables removal of digestible organic matters and heavy metals resulting in very clean water output.


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