Battery Energy Storage

Introducing ReVolve, a new 3 phase 120kWh industrial battery from Relectrify that combines high quality second life cells from leading electric vehicles using a world first integrated battery management system that optimises every battery cell.  This integrated battery management and inverter technology provides a longer service life for EV batteries and lowers the cost of energy storage to below $667kWh.



Features of the ReVolve battery

– World first control technology unlocks extra lifetime
– Overcomes weakest cell limitation in battery strings
– No cell testing and sorting required with either new or second life batteries
– Output voltage control allows flexible pack sizing
– Inherently safer battery packs
– Integrated current sensor
– Integrated pack disconnect
– Advanced SOC and SOH estimation
– Cloud data logging over Wifi
– Firmware over-the-air updates
– Flexible scaling options by combining multiple units up to 2MWh


Brief description of the technology

Battery Management Systems (BMS) are essential to maintain safe and effective battery system operation. Conventional battery management systems monitor and enable low-rate balancing for each battery cell individually via a wiring harness, but control the battery pack centrally.


This approach is suitable for battery packs with new, closely matched cells. However, as batteries operate over long lifetimes, cells age and inevitably begin to differ in capacity, this limitation significantly reduces pack capacity and lifetime. The Relectrify BMS takes a fundamentally different approach. The BMS sits right on top of the cells and not only monitors each individual cell, but also controls the power flow to and from each cell.


Instead of a conventional BMS that monitors and provides minor inputs from afar, the Relectrify BMS can be seen as a dynamic busbar that controls locally and optimises globally. This approach enables packs containing battery cells of different capacities, for example in second-life, to be connected together without issues. Maximum battery pack capacity is achieved via a semi-decentralised system optimisation that both the weakest and the strongest cell reach the maximum and minimum state-of-charge at the same time.


Battery energy storage ReVolve


The dynamic nature of the optimisation algorithms ensure that as battery cells degrade, the system adjusts suitably and ensures the battery pack continues to offer maximal capacity and functionality.


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