Microbubbles Generator


Microbubbles Generator


Free Solar Energy Business Assessment

Together with our long established solar partner Solari Energy we offer a full turnkey service for commercial PV solar power plants. First we carry out a free solar energy business assessment to determain if installing solar power would be worthwhile. All we require to complete this is a recent power bill and the last twelve months of interval data from your energy provider. Once completed this assessment will give you enough information to decide if installing a solar power plant would provide worthwhile energy cost savings.

Solar Hybrid Power Plants

We also design and build solar hybrid power plants of various generation capacities. These employ solar panels, some battery energy storage capacity, a wind generator if in a suitable location, or a back-up diesel generator. Such solar hybrid systems can provide very substantial energy cost savings for commercial power users who are relying on diesel for their power generation.

Solar Car Park Power Plants

Solar car park systems are a great way to turn often large car parking areas into power generation plants. These systems can off-set, or totally replace expensive grid supplied energy for nearby plant or buildings and the solar panels provide  shade for parked vehicles. Also electric vehicle charging points can be supplied as an option with these systems. Many predict that this type of solar power generation will become common in car parks as electric vehicles proliferate. Large energy users such as hospitals, shopping centers, clubs, commercial buildings, university’s, airports, factories etc. can all benefit from using their car parks for power generation.

Mini Hydro Generators

For those living close to a stream or flowing water, mini hydro generators can be a good way for home owners or small businesses to produce their own power 24/7. Each of these quality US made generators produces 1500 watts and depending on water volume and flow rate, two generators could be run together providing a continues 3kW. Want more power during the day? How about a solar/mini hydro system ?

Solar Cold Rooms

Containerised solar powered cold rooms are well suited for Island communities and those living in remote locations or off-grid sites, such as mining camps etc. These purpose built cold rooms make use of shipping containers that have been specially modified and insulated. They use either battery energy storage or a diesel generator for power when the solar panels are not generating enough energy, or they can be provided with a combination of both.

Solar LED Street and Park Lighting

Solar LED street and park lights that we represent are of good quality and economical compared to others on the market. The lights are available in several wattage’s depending upon application. They come well boxed for shipping, with integrated solar panel, LED, lithium battery and micro controller. Once assembled and installed these lights offer a simple and stylish way to reduce electricity costs.

Battery Energy Storage

Battery energy storage systems we market range from small residential systems such as the L G Chem, SolaGrid ESS with lead acid gel batteries and Redflow’s Zinc Bromide Module. For energy storage above 20kWh we design systems to suite the application, these can be lead acid gel or the zinc bromide flow battery’s. Large scale commercial applications above 1MWh we recommend Kokam from South Korea. Many of their containerised systems have been installed throughout the world and several in  Australia.

Solar street and park lights will reduce electricity costs substantially.

Solar Water Pumping

For irrigation systems and farm pumping applications. These pumping systems are suitable for any sise irrigators and able to operate across a range of different power options such as diesel, solar, and grid power.

Variable Speed Drives

For pumps running from PV solar arrays. These drives are compatible with any IEC three-phase asynchronous motors and most makes of pumps. Suitable for a wide range of solar/water pumping applications such as in remote or rural areas, for farm irrigation, tourist areas, household or community water needs, etc.