The next generation of CAES systems

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The patented features of the new Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES) system from Leaper Innovate Green Energies (LiGE) have unlocked the full potential and created the next generation of air batteries for this long-established energy storage technology.


Large scale CAES systems have been operating in Germany since 1978 and in North America since 1988. These multi-megawatt systems make use of disused mines to store the huge volume of compressed air that is needed.


With technological advances today and innovations made by LiGE, the new air battery is a scalable zero-emissions CAES system that can be hooked up to the electricity grid or to renewable energy sources to provide clean energy as well as clean water.


This award winning system has a 30-year working lifespan and is being manufactured under licence in Australia. The LiGE Air Battery is ranked among the most environmentally friendly of all energy storage technologies, the only by-products produced are clean air and clean water. No rare earth metals are used and all parts can be recycled.


A 1MWh system, housed in a 12 metre container can produce up to 5,000 litres of water a day. The amount of water produced will vary depending on the humidity of the air.


Systems are available from 40kWh up to 50MWh in either 3 phase 380VAC 700A or 750VDC 500A and all performance parameters are remotely monitored 24/7 with backup service support.


Check the Compressed Air Energy Storage information and specifications page.