Cleaning community water better and more economically


Activated Filter Media (AFM) is a direct replacement for sand in any type of sand filter.

AFM is the product of more than 30 years of research and development by Dr. Howard Dryden. The research was based on a PhD on aluminosiclicate zeolitic sand clinoptilolite for the selective ion exchange filtration of recycled water for intensive closed (RAS) aquaculture systems. Sand rapidly bio-fouls and coagulates, which results in bio-dynamic instability of the sand bed followed by transient channeling of unfiltered water passing into the product water. This happens in all sand filters and in aquaculture it will lead to fish mortalities. In drinking water it leads to disease.

AFM was developed as a means of resolving the deficiencies incumbent with sand filters. The technology is perfectly adapted to any type of sand filter application, ranging from drinking water to industrial process water. AFM will improve performance, reduce risk and stabilise the systems by providing a predictable repeatable and sustainable performance.

The performance of AFM has been independently verified by IFTS (these test results are available on request). The manufacturer of AFM guarantees that after 10 years the performance will be within 10% of the “as new performance” measured under ISO standard conditions. There will be no reduction of performance or AFM properties when the media is back washed at a rate that fluidises the bed by a minimum of 20% for a period of 5 minutes or until the water runs clear. AFM installed on filtration systems 20 years ago is still performing to specifications.