Ozwater’18, with products and information galore


In 2018, from the 8th to 10th of May, Australia’s international water conference and exhibition was held in Brisbane.

We were invited to join Solari Water’s display and assist people with product advice and information. Solari Water is our main product supplier and we have worked together on both water and energy projects now for a number of years. Also in attendance on the Solari Water stand were representatives from Dunwell Engineering Company and Reparator Pty. Ltd. these companies manufacture a range of aeration, filtration and MBR systems distributed by Solari Water.

Solari Water stand at Ozwater’18

The latest small capacity Microbubble Generator was on display

Products on display this year included a working display of the latest microbubble and nanobubble generator as well as a static display of the new RMA QA 30 floating aerator. Two Solari OV automatic media filters were on display together with samples of Activated Filter Media that these filtration systems use. A Zeta Potential Mixer and information about Solari’s new Asset Water Guard System for hospitals, commercial buildings and shopping centers also drew interest.

Solari Optimised Velocity AFM Automatic Media Filters

There was a working display from Dunwell of a small vibratory membrane system called Vibrating Water Filtration for industrial waste water recovery and for recycling wastewater from RO systems. Also information was available about an award winning VMAT filtration system for used lubricant recycling.

Apart from the two above systems, Dunwell also manufacture Membrane Bio-Reactor MBR systems in various sizes. These range from small pubic toilet wastewater treatment and recycling units to containerised systems and on up to complete town sewage treatment plants using this advanced technology. We are now busy sorting through dozens of inquiries and following up those that wanted additional information.

Various grades of Activated Filter Media drew much attention