Vast potential of microbubbles and nanobubbles


Microbubbles and nanobubbles have some unique properties that differentiate them from the standard varieties and because of this they are receiving increased attention throughout a wide variety of fields.


The above photo shows a cloud of microbubbles being generated in glass display tank. A green laser is being used to shine into the bottom part of the tank were there appears to be clear water. This water is infact full of nanobubbles and they are shown up by the green laser which has the same wavelength as the nanobubbles, this is a quick way to find out if nanobubbles are present in the water.


Interest in this technology is coming from a wide range of areas such as wastewater treatment, agriculture, horticulture, hydroponics, aquaculture and environmental remediation.


Microbubbles are incredibly small bubbles measuring 0.05 mm or less in sise. To understand how small this is, they are smaller than the diameter of a human hair and appear like a cloud of smoke in the water as seen above.


Standard or macrobubbles rise to the top of the water, burst upon reaching the surface and disappear. However microbubbles have very low buoyancies, enabling them to remain in the water for longer periods of time. When microbubbles collapse they do so within the water column releasing ions and free radicals, this process has a powerful disinfecting action and the decomposition of organic chemicals.


Not all microbubbles collapse many shrink down to form negatively charged ultra fine bubbles or nanobubbles, these very tiny invisible nanobubbles can remain in the water for months before finally dissolving. They travel throughout the water body and build up a store of oxygen that becomes available, providing a most efficient utilization of oxygen and other gases. Now in our fourth year of studying and trailing practical applications with clients of this technology, we have reached the stage where users from a number of different industries are reporting positive results.


If you would like to find out about microbubbles and nanobubbles and their potential in your industry or business you are welcome to contact us as we have some interesting articals we could send you. According to market research conducted by the FBIA International growth of microbubble and nanobubble technologies is expected to reach USD 4.3 billion by 2020 and USD 8.5 billion by 2030.