Most advanced media water filtration


The new patented Optimised Velocity (OV) AFM filter systems being manufactured in Queensland are the most advanced media filters and are an improved version of the popular Crossflow AFM filtration units, hundreds of which have been in successful operation for a number of years throughout the world.

When set up properly, these filters allow you to get sustainable water quality without the expense associated with running membrane filtration systems. These new filters use Activated Filter Media (AFM) a patented amorphous alumino-silicate (Glass) that lasts for the life of the filter vessel and will not bio-foul.

To our knowledge, there are no other low energy media filtration machines that can achieve the quality of tertiary filtration and polishing of water with such efficient levels and to such a fine degree. All models in the series provide partical removal down to 0.45 micron without the use of flocculants. Subject to causation, COD, BOD and suspended solids are reduced to levels below drinking water standards instantly in continuous flow systems.

Machines can be manifolded together to handle high flow rates and will operate efficiently with water temperatures as high as 85 degrees Celsius, such as some bore water. When combined with the Zeta Potential Mixer (ZPM) and some flocculation, materials as fine as 0.01 micron have been removed. Where the source water is pre-treated with microbubble aeration combined with a ZPM and followed by filtration with the OV AFM, outstanding water quality can be achieved.

Because of their superior filtration characteristics, relatively small machine footprint and low power requirements, these filtration systems are being used in the containerised water treatment plants we market.

Product data sheet available on request.