Microbubbles and nanobubbles aim to increase hydroponics production


A major hydroponics grower in Northern NSW is the first commercial hydroponics business in Australia to trial the microbubble and nanobubble generators we market. 

Company management as well as other interested parties are keen to see if increased plant growth rates can be achieved using this innovative technology.

Microbubbles and nanobubbles are presently being used to infuse the growing solution with oxygen on hydroponic farms in both Japan and Thailand, where plant growth rates have been reported to have increased across a number of different plant types.

This trial is planned to run over the next few months and will initially be restricted to a section of plants in the companies large greenhouse complex pictured above. By limiting the amount of plants exposed to the technology in this way, comparisons can more easily be made between those plants that receive microbubble and nanobubble growing solution and those that don’t.

We will provide on-going information about this important trial as it proceeds.