New Industrial Battery with world first integrated BMS and inverter

Relectrify BMS


Introducing ReVolve, a new 3 phase 120kWh industrial battery from Relectrify.


What sets this battery apart from others is that it combines high quality second life cells from leading electric vehicles using a world first integrated Battery Management System (BMS) that optimises every battery cell.  This integrated BMS and inverter technology provides extended cell-life and low-cost energy storage.


The Relectrify BMS provides an unprecedented level of safety. If any individual cell or module experiences an unexpected temperature rise the system can immediately reduce or entirely eliminate any power flow through that specific cell or module without impeding the functionality of the overall battery pack.


This fast-acting responsiveness makes the system inherently safer, maximizes battery performance and improves battery longevity.  The BMS integrates Wifi and Bluetooth capability for connecting with a web interface or mobile device.


For information about the ReVolve battery click this link