Water aerators move into the 21st century


For over eight years our Queensland suppliers of aerators designed and manufactured a range of quality commercial floating aerators used for oxygenating water bodies.

In 2014, engineers began developing a new line of advanced aeration machines known as the RMA QA series.

Available in several model sizes, these floating aerators have been deployed primarily in waste water treatment since their introduction in 2016.

The RMA QA 30 is a popular 3kW aerator that can run from either mains power or solar energy and is being used by a number of Shire Councils and Water Authorities for treating waste water prior to environmental release and also for controlling the growth of algae in ponds and lakes.

These floating aerators have a design life of twenty years and because of their low energy consumption and excellent performance they offer among the lowest whole of life costs of any aerator presently on the market.