Latest water filtration technology for Isisford


Residents in the small Central West Queensland town of Isisford will soon be drinking some of the cleanest water in the state, once the towns new water filtration plant is commissioned.

The old sand filtration plant that has served the town for many years is being replaced with the latest proven technology in media filtration.  Known as an Optimised Velocity (OV) filter, these patented fully automatic filtration systems that we represent use an amorphous alumino-silicate (Glass) filter media called AFM, that is manufactured from post consumer green glass bottles.

This Activated Filter Media has undergone a special manufacturing process that imparts surface catalytic properties to the glass that gives it a high negative zeta potential. The surface active properties prevent colonisation by bacteria, so bacteria induced bed channeling that is common in sand filters is eliminated and the catalytic properties of the media are reactivated every time the filter backwashes.

AFM will remove at least 30% more particles from water than a sand filter and because the media backwash’s faster than a sand filter, less water and energy is used in this process. Also the media will last for the life of the filter vessel, well over twenty years, making these filters more economical to operate than a sand filter.

These advanced filtration systems are now being manufactured in Queensland and are an improved version of the popular CrossFlow AFM filtration units, hundreds of which have been operating successfully for a number of years throughout the world.