Accelerating commercial solar power uptake


Solar power is steadily expanding it’s base of users in the commercial sector. The main drivers are steadily rising power and gas prices together with falling prices for solar panels and the ultimate reliability of having one’s own energy supply. Infact if your business is paying more that 12c/kWh for your electricity its worthwhile having us conduct a free business case assessment of your energy use to establish if installing solar power could save you money.

Together with our solar partner and supplier Solari Energy we offer our clients a full turnkey solar energy service. This Queensland firm has gained an enviable reputation designing, arranging financing and building commercial solar power plants of all sizes including multi megawatt systems, throughout Australia and the Pacific Islands over the past seven years.

Once an inquiry is made for a solar power quotation we begin with an obligation free service to initially look at the organisations particular business case for solar so management can determine if installing solar power would save money and be a sound business proposition.  All that’s required to carry out an initial solar power assessment is a recent power bill and interval data from the  energy supplier.  From this information we can work out how much energy would be needed, who will use the energy, for example will some be sold into the power grid. At what times of the day or night is energy required, and what would it cost. Would installing a solar power plant either with or without battery energy storage be the best solution, and would a solar power plant provide an acceptable return on investment.

Once the business case has been established then agreements are signed and we move on to a feasibility study, depending upon the size of the proposed plant, plant design, financing if required, plant installation, commissioning and finally a plant maintenance contract.

With the rising costs of electricity and gas supplies these days, we are finding that many organisations can benefit from installing renewable energy. Now that PV solar energy is recognised as an investment vehicle by banks and financiers, there is no shortage of money available for financing commercial solar power plants of all size’s.

For large systems Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) are a popular way to finance projects. In this type of finance model the energy user simply pays for the electricity the plant provides at a set rate per kWh, PPA’s usually run for 10 or 15 year terms.