Longreach Council installing new floating aeration technology


Now with several councils using this wastewater aeration treatment, word is spreading about the effectiveness of these machines.  Recently the Longreach Regional Council has requested installation of two RMA QA 30 floating aerators in the towns Imhoff sewage treatment tanks.

Longreach Council’s Director of Infrastructure Services says their primary requirements in ordering the RMA QA 30 floating aerators was to get the release water from the sewage treatment plant to grade C standard, for irrigating cattle fodder in nearby fields and to be able to reduce the amount of town water needed to enable effective sewage treatment. With Western Queensland expecting a hot dry summer every effort to conserve water is important.

Recently the Council has had power run out to the sewage treatment plant, so these two low energy aerators will run from mains electricity 24 hours a day.
The time it takes for the desired water treatment to be achieved at Longreach will be interesting to measure when compared to Charleville, where their floating aerators are solar powered and only run during sunlight hours.